Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Men

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser Hair Removal is growing in popularity for men.  In fact, one in every five of our hair removal clients are men. Our most commonly treated areas for men at Renew Skin and Laser include backs, shoulders, chests and abs. We also treat some beards and necklines to reduce the appearance of the five o’clock shadow, reduce the irritation involved in shaving this area because of the hair growing in all different directions (what some men call razor burn), and finally reduce the number of  ingrown hairs or a condition known as psuedofolliculitis.

Laser Hair Reduction

If you only interested in a reduction of hair on your face, legs, chest or arms in order to reduce irritation and make shaving easier, we can do that as well. In just a few treatments, you will notice a significant difference in the amount of hair follicles as well as the texture. You will be pleasantly surprised by how your five o’clock shadow is reduced and how much easier it is to shave without nicking yourself.laser hair removal, photofacial, sun damage, anti-aging, renew skin and laser, acne, laser hair reduction, laser spa, denver, 80210

Your Comfort and Privacy is Important to Us

Confidentiality, comfort and satisfaction are very important to us and we take pride in making your treatments as comfortable and discreet as possible for you. Our office setting is relaxed and not at all like a big salon or spa.

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