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12 Days of Beauty Tips # 8 – The Right Way to Apply Makeup

We all have that friend that cakes on her foundation, mascara, eye liner blush and lipstick and ultimately looks like a clown. Now if you are a good friend, you will tell her how ridiculous she looks (using somewhat nicer language hopefully). If you are a really good friend, you will send her this article which will teach her the right way to apply makeup for any age, complexion and/or occasion.

There are two messages you should take away from this article and they are: less is more (LIM) and keep it simple stupid (KISS).

Moisturizer and Eye Cream

First, make sure your hands are clean and apply your favorite eye cream using your ring finger on either hand. Massage in circular motions around your eyes for thirty seconds. Next, choose a moisturizer with SPF protection, place a quarter sized amount in your palm using a cotton swab or clean applicator, warm it up in your hands and press it into your face, neck and chest. Massage it in an upward motion on your chest, neck and jowls and a circular motion on the face for thirty seconds.

Primer or Foundation

We recommend either a primer OR a foundation for most days. The primer will help create a beautiful even toned canvas for the rest of your makeup application. Be sure you apply it in the same way as your moisturizer and don’t neglect your neck. If you opt for foundation and prefer something lighter, we recommend using a tinted moisturizer. For special events and occasions, you can opt for a heavier foundation in order to optimize those ‘photo op’ moments. The best way to apply foundation is to use a make-up sponge. After applying it, flip the sponge over and buff it into your face using the dry side of the sponge. Be sure to use a tone that is similar to your neck tone.


For days when you have dark circles under your eyes or blemishes, use concealer to help cover them up. You could also use it to cover up broken capillaries and conditions like rosacea. We recommend purchasing a lighter shade and a darker shade and blend them together on the back of your hand with a brush in order to get a custom camouflage color. Test the shade on your chin first. When you’re happy with it, gently brush a bit of concealer onto the area where you need it and then press it in with your finger until the area is covered.


Next, use facial powder to set your foundation and help to prevent your skin from getting too oily or too shiny. It will also make your face look smoother and more even toned. You can use a puff or a powder brush. Be sure to blow off the excess powder before applying.

Eye Shadow

If you wear eye shadow, you will want to first apply eye shadow primer or for even longer lasting lids, use a cream shadow over powder. We recommend darker shades in the crease and lighter shades on the lid and orbital bone. User a powder brush and not the applicator to apply and blend powder shadows. You could use your finger or foam to apply cream shadows. Always start in the center and smooth out to the left and then the right.

Eye Liner

Eye liner can open up your eyes, making them pop and bring more volume to your lashes. Line your upper lash line and/or lower lash line by aiming for the roots of your lashes. Apply it and then smudge it with a brush to blur it a bit. Do not apply to the waterline (the inside of your eye) as it can cause infections.


Before applying mascara, use an eye lash curler in three quick stages. Start at the base, then move to the mid-section and then finally curl the upper end of your lashes. To apply the mascara, start at the base of your lashes and wiggle the wand a bit as you pull it up through the lashes. Repeat one time on each lash. Use a light circular motion on baby lashes. Then, wipe off the brush and very lightly apply to the bottom lashes. We recommend waterproof mascara only if you are doing something active (swimming, skiing, etc.).


Blush will help you look even more radiant when applied correctly. A little blush goes a long way. It is important not to over apply and use a shade that looks natural on you. Do not apply it below the cheekbones as they used to do in the 70s and 80s. Instead, brush it right on top of your cheekbone (this is higher than the apple of your cheeks). It will look more natural and lift your features. Use blush sticks for longer lasting results.


Finally, use lip color with your moods. It can help you express yourself so you can have many different shades and colors for many different occasions. When applying lipstick, use a brush, dab some in the middle of your bottom lip and then roll your lips together to help distribute it. Then add the color to the rest of your lips. For a glossy look, add a small amount of lip gloss over the color. There are many long lasting lip sticks available today, however, we do not recommend these as they are damaging to your lips. If you would like to plump your lips a bit, get yourself some cinnamon essential oil and mix a drop of it with jojoba oil or your lip gloss. Make sure you test it before using it as some people are very sensitive to pure cinnamon.

Now that you know how to doll yourself up properly with the right way to apply makeup, go find yourself a special event and turn some heads!

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