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Skincare Goals 2018

New Year…New Skin!

When the first of January rolls around every year we find ourselves making “Healthy Resolutions.”  We commit to going to the gym daily, cutting carbs out of our diets and to stop drinking wine.  But one healthy and easier to achieve New Year’s resolution that gets left off the list is better care and treatment of our skin. This month we will be talking about Skincare Goals for 2018.

Huh?  You may be asking “Why do I need to worry about my skin in the dead of winter in Colorado when it’s so cold outside?”

“Don’t let the dropping temperatures mislead you” said Leslie Brown, Director of The Skin and Laser Boutique of central Denver.  “The sun’s rays are just as harmful in cold weather and Denver’s Mile High address puts us that much closer to the suns harmful UVA & UVB rays.”

We’ve all heard the reports that too much exposure to long wave ultraviolet (UVA) rays can lead to premature aging and wrinkles known as photo-aging, but it’s UVA’s evil twin, short wave ultraviolet (UVB) rays that cause painful sunburns and the development of skin cancer.

The Denver Post reported that Coloradans who hike, ski, climb and otherwise play in the mountains are more susceptible to skin cancer than flat-landers.  A survey completed by The Melanoma Foundation of New England found that only 7.69% of Coloradans use sunscreen into the fall and winter months, which leaves us outdoor enthusiasts more susceptible to skin cancer and sunspots.

So, what can you do to achieve your 2018 healthy skincare goals?

Start by using a high-quality, broad spectrum sunscreen.  Leslie with The Skin and Laser Boutique recommends PCA Skin with a SPF of 30.  “Most sunscreens are greasy, feel heavy on or your face or have an unpleasant scent. sunscreen PCA Skin spf 30 I encourage people to come to my boutique near Cherry Creek to try a sample of this sunscreen to find the right formulation for their individual facial skin type.”  Bring in this blog post and receive a 5% discount on any PCA Skin product. Other important goals should include drinking more water, eating healthier and getting enough sleep. These are common sense goals that many people forget about.

And stay tuned for more discounts… next week we will talk about non-invasive ways to undo sun damage and make your skin look younger.  If you’d like a head start to younger more vibrant skin schedule your appointments now and receive a 25% discount on two (2) or more Intense Pulse Light Therapy (IPL) treatments. We recommend IPL as a non-invasive and pain-free laser treatment to dramatically reduce redness, rosacea and sun spots.

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