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The Top Five Foods for the Healthiest Skin

The best thing you can do for you skin is eat a healthy, balanced, whole foods diet. You don’t even have to give up many of the foods that you eat, you only have to get a little creative with how you are preparing your meals.

FACT: Eating an optimal balance of protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins / minerals and you will be feeding your skin the vital nutrients it needs to help it stay soft, supple, healthy and free of blemishes.

Twice a year, I cleanse by eliminating caffeine, sugar, gluten/wheat, dairy and alcohol for 30 days and the first positive result that I notice is that my skin looks and feels incredible. Other people notice it as well. I only wish I had enough will power to keep up with it 365 days a year, but I miss my pizza too much ;-D. That being said, I still keep my skin healthy by eating antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables and healthy fats from nuts, avocados and fish that is rich in Omega-3 fatty oils year-round.


Five of the best foods to add to your diet for keeping your skin healthy, firm, supple and cancer free include the following:

Dark Chocolate for skin hydration

1. For Hydration, eat 1 ounce of dark chocolate (yay) every day. The cacao is rich in anti-oxidants which help to hydrate and improve blood circulation.

Green Tea for skin elasticity

2. Improve your skin’s elasticity with green tea The anti-oxidants found in green tea delivers key nutrients to your skin by boosting oxygen and blood flow to it which helps to keep your complexion healthy.

Oatmeal for acne

3. Eat your organic whole grain oatmeal to prevent acne and other blemishes from occurring. The carbs in oatmeal promotes your bodies production of insulin and  of hormones known as androgens. These androgens help the skin to secrete more oil that gets trapped inside your pores, ultimately causing pimples.

kale for skin cancer prevention

4. Kale can help prevent skin cancer because the nutrients in it  absorb and neutralize the free radicals created by UV light. In addition, the vitamin C and vitamin A in kale helps with firming your skin.

Beef for wrinkle prevention

5. Help your skin stay wrinkle-free and taut longer by consuming organic, grass-fed lean-cut beef. Grass-fed beef contains a higher ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids which reduces inflammation. It is also very high in protein which is the building block of collagen and elastin tissue.

Other recommendations to consider is replacing your dairy with healthy non-dairy options such as almond or coconut milk in place of real milk, ghee in place of butter (I make my own ghee – it is so simple. Click here to learn how), almond or coconut yogurts and ice cream and make sure the cheese that you eat is non-processed (American cheese is the worst!). Check out this article regarding the dangers of processed cheeses.

Probably the most important advice that we have for you is to drink six to eight glasses of water a day. (64 oz.) There some great apps that you can download for free to help you remember to drink your water.  Make sure it’s filtered water if your water supply does not have a good rating. Check your local water supply rating here. See the Culligan Water’s top five choices here.

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